Committing to YOUR Life: Conscious Coupling and Uncoupling

What would it be like to enjoy being with your partner, finding new ways to have fun with them, and with all the people in your life,that you haven't considered before? And what would it be like to have the freedom to be yourself, and commit to yourself totally? Have you cut off any part of yourself to make things work for your partner? In a contributory relationship, you do not give up your life in favor of theirs.  They add to your life and you add to theirs.



Conscious Fertility, Conception & Pregnancy:

A Different Approach

What is conscious fertility, conception and pregnancy? What is consciousness? In consciousness there is no judgment. There is total awareness and presence. Each one of you has an area in your life where things flow and are easy. You don't think about how things flow in this area. They flow, so you don't need to think about it. This is an area that you are being conscious.