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6 Step Guided Transformation

with author Julie Tuton

Stepping into the waters of change can be isolating and scary.
What if you didn't have to do it alone?

Choose Your Path:

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"Some of the greatest toxic wastes killing the planet are anger, rage, fury & hate."

~ Gary Douglas

My target is to melt and transform these toxic energies that are most often created throughout break ups,

into finding yourself after a breakup and choosing a different, kinder possibility.



I like the way you guided us with kindness and caring. What I got most of is you really are an invitation to address whatever is going on with kindness (relationship, separation, divorce, or even just how we are being with ourselves). It’s been a few days and I’m still getting awarenesses and clarity of where I haven’t been choosing that, and now that I do, things are flowing with such ease. ~ I.F. - Guatemala

This class truly is a transformation.  I found areas  that were holding me back and through the 6 steps was able to really find more of me in places I didn't even know we're missing.  I really loved the manual and follow ups each day. I also know that your energy and guidance each day made such a difference to opening my eyes and creating changes with ease.  I also really liked the 6 days  as it created an amazing bond with the others people.  So grateful. Thank you ~ D.O. - UK

The beauty of these classes is it gives you a chance to be in the driver seat of your life again.  I'm choosing to be happy!  It's so fun to be the joy and the inspiration for my family and others.  If you want to come along... jump in! ~ C.R. - California

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