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What if the secret to having happy relationships is to begin having and Being more of YOU?
Guided Transformation is a 6 part Zoom series to walk you through Unwinding, Dissolving past traumas, and learning your Navigation system, so that you can move forward creating your lighter and brighter future.
Guided Transformation can assist in all areas of life:
• leaving a job or business 
• relationship break ups, divorce
• breaking up with this limited reality
What if you never had to lose YOU to create your relationships and your Joyful Living?!

Oct 20 - 22 & 27-29

6 • 1 hour Calls

@5:30pm pst

How to join the 6 part series:
1. Click Buy Now button
2. Enter your registration info on the Google form to receive Zoom link & workbook pages
3. Download free Zoom app
4. Log into Zoom about 5-10 min before each call, be in a noise free zone, un-mute to ask questions
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