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Are you ready to let go of the upset?


in the break up

6 Steps for moving beyond your break up and choosing to create your lighter & brighter future.


 Julie Tuton



Coming from Boston, Julie Tuton has an East Coast edge, softened by over 25 years of living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She has a razor sharp awareness that allows her to cut through to the core of your issues with kindness and caring.


She creates a space of non-judgment, allowing her to be very real and present with you. Applying her awareness and practical tools to step into changing her own life, she comes from a place of vulnerability, compassion, and knowing that if she could move through such transitions with ease, she can facilitate others as well.  


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Julie Tuton Energy.

Going through a break-up or divorce is difficult. I've been there and I understand your struggle. I also know something else is possible.


In ending a 20 year marriage, I used these tools to facilitate my transition. So many people commented on the ease with which our separation and divorce occurred, they inquired about what I had done that was so different. Even our mediator was curious! 

I wrote Beauty in the BreakUp for everyone who is seeking a different possibility navigating this often treacherous area of change.

What if you could create your break up with kindness for everyone involved (including You!), and move forward in lightness and beauty? 

– Julie


Rather than bringing forward the pain of relationships past, you can apply the tools in my
6 Step coaching program for unwinding, dissolving past trauma, and creating your lighter & brighter future.

What if you didn't have to break up with YOU to be in your relationships?!

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